Mission Arlington | Mission Metroplex

Better Together!

A volunteer works in Mission Arlington’s food pantry, helping other get the food they need for their families.

As a faith-based family, we like to say that we are “Spirit-led, but volunteer-driven,” because volunteers like you lift so much of the load around our place.  Individuals, families, and all kinds of teams (church youth groups, students, civic organizations, and businesses) give their time to help people in need.

As the pandemic began to spread across our country, volunteers naturally and understandably began to stay home, keeping everyone safe.  Donors increased, however, as the compassion inherent to our community blossomed. People began to wear masks when they donated, but the generosity of our community led to long lines of givers, bringing food, clothing, furniture, and so much more to help people in need.  It was absolutely amazing and humbling to watch.

Now, as the community has begun to open safely again, volunteers are beginning to return. More individuals and families are coming to serve, along with various teams.  We are so grateful. It takes many hands to do the work here, and it is such a blessing to do it together.

If you are ready to get out again, please come on down to volunteer.  You don’t need an appointment, and we will put you right to work – anytime between 7 and 7 Monday through Saturday. We hope to see you soon!


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