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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cesar began attending a Bible Study in his apartment complex when he was 4 years old.  The Mission Arlington pastors would always knock on his door to invite his family and to bring bread.  Cesar says he thinks his mom trusted the church leaders because of the bread, so she sent her kids to the services.

Even though the church met in a tiny apartment for many years, that’s the place that the people learned to pray, to love one another, to read and use a Bible, and to live in peace.  Cesar says “All my favorite childhood memories are at Heritage Church.”

Cesar accepted Christ at age 8 when his Bible Study took a trip to a Billy Graham Crusade.  He was baptized and really chose to follow Christ day-to-day two years ago. About that time, he came to work at Mission Arlington® full time and began leading Heritage Church as the previous leaders moved away.  He teaches all different ages throughout the week to pray and love just the way he was taught..

When he’s not at the church, you will find Cesar collecting and sorting your donations behind Mission Arlington®.  He and the others in this area work outside in all kinds of weather.  But even in the heat or rain, Cesar wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  He uses his day to do so much more than collect donations.  Hundreds of people volunteer each week, and Cesar loves to hear their life stories.

While these volunteers might not be visiting the mission for a physical need, just by chatting for an afternoon, Cesar has found many people in the midst of a crisis.  He says, “My biggest hope and prayer is that somehow I can be a light for those who are living in darkness.”

We are thankful for the day God brought Cesar to us and for the opportunities to share Jesus’ love each day.


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