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Christmas 2021 Results

Year-Long Preparation

The Mission Arlington® family prepares for Christmas all-year long, and 2021 was no exception. Every day of the year, our community drops-off Christmas gifts. We keep them, and get them up to our free Christmas Store.  Starting in February, a group of volunteers begin getting the store ready – working steadily through the year  – to place toys on shelves, and to get the store ready for the next Christmas Season.

12 Days of Christmas

Physical Results: Over 12 days this past December, our generous community provided Christmas gifts to nearly 26,000 children(25,861), including a few adults whose children picked-out gifts from the store for them. This represents more than 6,000 families (6,204). 4,500 children received bikes, and over 5,000 volunteers came to help. Wow!

Spiritual Results: An essential part of our Christmas Store is the “Christmas Story,” which we tell to every adult who comes through – this year, in 5 different languages.  As a result, 327 adults trusted Christ with their lives, and a total of 1,056 people made a spiritual decision of some kind.

So Thankful

For You: Both the volunteers who served, and the people who were receiving help recognized God’s presence and Spirit throughout this nearly two-week experience. The generosity of our community was unparalleled, bringing truck-load after truck-load of cars, so that children in need would be cared for on Christmas Day.

For God: We are thankful to God for his provisions for the children, and want Him to receive all glory for the work which happens here.  We are looking forward to serving alongside each of you again this year, especially when next Christmas roles around.

We are grateful for this amazing community!


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