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Christmas Store Opens

The “Christmas Store,” free of charge, open for business, filled with volunteers, and people receiving the gifts they need for their families. Thank you so much! There are many more days of the store ahead. Come see us!

Our Christmas Store opened to the public today.  Hundreds of families came through the store, receiving love, encouragement, and lots of gifts for their family.

A Generous and Kind Community

We have been preparing all-year-long for this day. You have given throughout the year to make today possible, and you have done it in extraordinary ways.  For example, young children across our community have given their toys, so that other children could be blessed.  Parents have purchased one gift for their children, then doubled down on another gift to bless someone else’s child. Companies have parties and various gatherings, but instead of Christmas gifts for each other, they choose to supply gifts for children in need. Churches, civic groups, and corporations gather toys, so that children will be blessed.  It’s a story that has as many renditions as there are people, each one beautiful in its own right and worth re-telling.

The Difference You Make

We wish that each of you could see the smiles on the faces of parents as they exit the store, arms filled with wrapped gifts for their children.  The smiles, the Christmas greetings, and the expressions of gratitude sounded throughout the halls of the store today, and it was extraordinary to experience.   We know that the acclamation expressed to us, was intended for you.  We hope you know it too. All of us working together can make a difference in the lives of ordinary, but very real people at the very point of their need.  We are grateful to be one part of such a generous community.

You may be surprised to know that we have adults who come by from time to time who remember the days when they were children –  in families experiencing a momentary hardship where everyone knew Christmas would be scarce. Then the gifts showed up around their tree, because someone they didn’t know gave to make a difference. Years later, those stories still bring tears to the eyes of those children – now grown men and women.  The beautiful thing too is how often it creates in them a desire to give back, or to pay it forward.

The Road Ahead

The Christmas Store will open again on Monday, December 10th. It stays open every day through December 22nd, excluding Sundays, always from 10 to 6.  Christmas gifts and toys are always needed, and volunteers too. If you and your family want to come, please come on in whenever you are available. You don’t need an appointment.  If you are bringing a group, we welcome you too, anytime you are able to serve. Give us a call, or drop us a note, and we’ll get your team on our schedule.

Please keep us in your prayers through the days ahead. We are grateful for your support!



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