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“Denture Day” at the Saxe Clinic

The Allan Saxe Dental Clinic is in full operation.

Dentists, hygienists, and so many other talented volunteers, have been dedicating their time and expertise to “lift the load,” even during these difficult days of 2020.   Because of these dedicated & talented volunteers, the clinic treated 1,600+ patients, (3,500 office visits), accomplishing more than $1.1 million worth of dental care in 2019.

We were able to provide a wide range of dental services for people in need, including patients from every age group (children, youth, adults).  One need long evident in our community has been the need for dentures.  This past month, on Saturday, September 26th, we had “denture day” at the Saxe Clinic, and what a great day it was!

Denture Day at the Saxe Clinic

So many people came together on “Denture day.” Three (3) Baylor Dental students were present, assisting our volunteer dentists. Four (4) pre-dental students from the University of Texas at Dallas joined-in to provide support. Several dental assistants were in the clinic on that day, after they had already spent a full week at work.

The dentist who was there to work on dentures has been serving with us once a month, every month since 2005.  Wow!  Because everyone came together like this, we were able to provide denture care for so many people on that day. What a blessing!

Need for Dentists, Hygienists, and other Volunteers

The need continues to be great.  Every dentist, hygienist, and/or other volunteers who help, make a huge difference in our ability to support our community.  If you are interested in serving, give Jean a call on her cell phone, or call Debbie at 817-704-6141.  You can be a blessing to someone in need, and find blessing in return.


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