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Donated Car Supports Family in Need

Tillie Burgin, center, with Victim’s assistance team member (left) and Britney Smith (right). They are standing in front of the donated vehicle which is being given to the Smith family.

This past December, a man fleeing Arlington police officers crashed his pickup truck into a pole, subsequently flipping that truck into an Kroger parking lot in Arlington. The crash totaled the only vehicle of Kroger employee Tim Smith whose SUV was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Smith and his wife Brittney have five children, and this was their only car.

Concerned about this family, the good people in the Victim’s Assistance department of the Arlington PD contacted Mission Arlington® to see if we could assist in providing this family a car.  Because of the generosity of our community, through the years, people provide automobiles to us, so that we can help out someone who is in a difficult circumstance.

This afternoon, we met with the Victim’s Assistance team and with Ms. Smith to provide her with a car for their family.  Watching her face light up, and then seeing this mom of five drive off in her newly donated car brought smiles to everyone within sight.

We hope it does to you too.  We are grateful for you.


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