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When Tillie Burgin returned from Korea, a woman named Doris who she did not know approached her saying, “I’ve been praying for you.” This began a decades-long friendship that continues to this day.

Doris has volunteered at Mission Arlington in countless ways. From clerical work to cleaning the kitchen, she has been a familiar sight around the office for many years. She also serves on the Mission Metroplex Board of Directors.

The position most important to her, though, is the time she spent teaching the ladies’ Bible Study at South Street Church. She guided the women that she taught to follow God. They love her so much, although she no longer teacher that class, the women still love her and ask about her.

Doris loves telling people about the Lord. She once found, while proofreading a Mission Arlington publication, someone had written the phrase, “a chance to tell people about Jesus.” She suggested a word change, explaining it was not by a lucky “chance,” but telling people about Jesus is always an “opportunity.” She takes these opportunities seriously because of her deep love for her Savior. She wants everyone to know him the way she knows him.

We are thankful to God for sending this beautiful woman to teach us all how to love the Lord and serve people. Doris is a blessing.

Originally published Feb 5th, 2015.


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