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Fall Festival:
Family-Friendly & Fun-Filled

We hope you enjoy this 3:20 second video of the Fall Festival from another year.

Fall means Fall Festivals at Mission Arlington®, and we are so excited. No one can say exactly when our Fall Festival began, because it didn’t begin as one big event like it is today, but as several smaller events across our community led by individual Mission Arlington® Bible studies and Congregations.

Until several years ago,  the scattered and smaller events made more sense. As the number of individual events grew, along with the attendance at those events, it seemed best to create one large Festival located centrally in Arlington. And that is just what we did.  Take a few minutes to view the video above, and you’ll get a sense of how much fun this event is for every one.

Now, we have almost 3 thousand children (with their families) attend each year. Though it isn’t required, many of the children dress in creative and colorful (not scary) costumes. Parents get to spend an afternoon with their children in the outdoors, away from the TV and other forms of technological entertainment.   This is one of the most FUN events of the year.

Here are the details for this year’s festival:

When: Saturday, October 26th, from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.;

Where: 1514 Cherry Lane, near the intersection of Fielder & Pioneer Drive (303);

What: Food, Carnival Games, Bouncy Houses, Fire Trucks, and a giant Hay Ride;  The children play carnival games (bowling, fishing, miniature golf, bean-bag toss, face painting, and so much more), and win fun prizes.  There are two sets of bouncy houses outside which require some climbing and sliding ability.  They hay ride may be the most popular attraction at the Festival each year. Children load into a wagon filled with seats made of hay bales, and they are carried twice around a huge field in a trailer pulled along by giant tractors.  At the end of the day, as long as their isn’t an active fire anywhere else, the children get to meet firefighters and tour their truck.

How Much? Everything we do is FREE.

How You Can Help
  1. Individually Wrapped Bags of Candy are needed. Please bring the candy to the Mission offices anytime up to the start of the Festival on the 27th.
  2. Volunteers are needed to help with carnival booths, serve food, staff the bouncy houses, and to set up or clean up.  If you (and/or your team) want to volunteer, give us a call at 817-277-6620, and we’ll get you set up.

Last year, nearly 3,000 children (with their families) enjoyed this event, most of them dressed in creative and colorful costumes.  Come join us, won’t you?




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