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God’s Perfect Timing

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014

In God’s perfect timing, he led Chris and Diandra to minister at Mission Arlington®.

In Chris’ last years in the military, the couple lived in El Paso enjoying their work with a Mission-Church.  When the military term ended they felt called to Diandra’s hometown, Arlington.

Initially, they attended a large church that was a blessing, but different than their experience in El Paso. They prayed that God would show them when to change. For three years, he told them to stay.

Then, one Sunday, they passed a church sign that included “Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex.”
Diandra remembers, “We saw ‘Mission’ on the sign.”  That prompted them to attend that congregation for one year until God prompted them to do more.  They tried several times to attend the “Tillie Tour,” a Sunday morning tour of the Bible Studies, but a family illness delayed the tour for Chris and Diandra for a time.

Chris says, “I think God was in that, too.”

Diandra agrees, “God’s perfect timing.”

Eventually, they took the tour and God guided them to Remynse Fellowship in east Arlington.  Now Chris teaches men twice a week and Diandra makes visits, teaches at the afterschool program, and does whatever needs to be done to keep the church functioning. They feel fulfilled by how God is using them, like they found their place.

They know there are so many needs in the community, but Chris says, “It’s different when you see a need and you feel like God is calling you to meet that need.”

Chris rejoices to see the moments of spiritual growth in the men he teaches.  Diandra has noticed, when visiting, that God puts her in the right homes at the right times.  She often hears people say, “I was just praying that someone would come.”

Thank you, God, for these two lives, faithful to your call year by year and minute by minute.


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