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Bible Olympics “goes for the gold!”

(6) Bible Olympics - January 23rd, 2016-1“Bible Olympics,” a wonderfully anticipated tradition for Mission Arlington®, happens every spring. This three-hour event combines creative, semi-competitive games which provide a fun way for children to learn more about the Bible.

More than 250 elementary-aged children, and some youth too, were picked up by their Bible study leaders and transported to central Arlington to participate in the activities of the day.  Those of us who were able to observe noticed how much fun the children were having – running, laughing, smiling, all the while learning more about God’s Word. Before they go home, the children will enjoy a good lunch too.

Various games included “thread the hula hoop,” balloon toss, two obstacle courses – one involving a tunnel the children crawled through, and another requiring the children to jump over a couple of kneeling sponsors.  The puppet show was a big hit, as were the many other

It feels good to spend time with these young people on a Saturday morning, sharing God’s Word. Bible study leaders, many of them volunteers themselves, knew the name of every child there – calling them by name, encouraging them, having one-on-one time, and joining in with the games whenever possible. There were hugs and happy faces all around.

Especially meaningful this morning was listening to these young people repeating various scriptures in unison, or in competition with each other. They committed some scripture to memory as well, and repeated together scriptures that many of them already knew. Scripture teaches us that God’s Word never returns empty, but accomplishes everything for which the Lord intends it. Pray with us that the seeds planted today will flourish in the lives of these children as they grow.

We thank God today for Bible study leaders who work full time jobs all week long who then take their weekend to love children and to extend His Kingdom.  We thank the Lord for those who over time donated various vehicles, so that we could transport the children today. We thank the Lord for those who give, so that we had the ability to fill those cars and vans with fuel.  Thank you for praying for us at 10:00 a.m every day, and at other times during the day, so that our work will stay purely about Him, and so that we can keep extending deeper into this community with the love of Christ.

We are grateful for the privilege we have of serving alongside each of you as we support the people of this community in our 30th year.  To God be the glory, great things he has done!


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