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Helping Children Succeed – After School

Mission Arlington "After School"

An After School program in central Arlington.

When the Fall comes, and the students are back in school, the Mission Arlington® family ramps up its after school programs again.  We meet weekly in thirty (30) different locations, helping children with their homework, while sharing God’s love in various ways.  In 2021, these after school efforts averaged over 1,300 students a week over 26 weeks.  Total attendance for the year topped 34,000.  That’s a lot of homework help!

Our volunteer teams meet the children as they come home from school.  Snacks, games, Bible stories, and all kinds of activities, make these after school programs feel special to the students who attend.  Plus, our volunteers help students to do their own homework, so that they can thrive in their educational journey.   Our afterschool programs are truly special places to have fun, and to learn.

One writer suggests six benefits to afterschool programs. They 1) “create a sense of belonging;” 2) “improve social skills;” 3) “provide academic support;” 4) “make learning more fun;” 5) “provide safety and supervision;” 6) “build confidence.”  We see all six of these benefits in the students we serve each week.

The work of Mission Arlington always hopes to be holistic.  We want to care for the physical, spiritual, emotional, and educational needs of people from all walks of life in the best way we can.  Our after school work is one way we work towards that end.

We are so grateful for every volunteer and team who care for the well-being of students across our community.  We are so grateful for the privilege we have of sharing God’s love with our community – young and old.  We are also, always so grateful for you, and the constant support of this community.


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