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Love and Laughter at Rainbow Express®

Children love Rainbow Express®. Moms and dads love Rainbow Express®, and so do we. Stop by any Rainbow Express® event (at 91 locations across our community through Spring Break), and you will see children running, laughing, and huge smiles all around.

Of course, the Rainbow Express® experience is fun – with outdoor running games (duck-duck goose, “mother may I,” and so much more), cute and classy crafts, silly songs (with plenty of movement for the young people to express themselves exuberantly), and lots of personal attention from the students in church youth groups who come here from all across the nation.

Rainbow Express® also contains a Bible story embedded at the core of each days activities.  As these children enjoy the creativity, the crafts, and the fun, they are also hearing and seeing tangible expressions of God’s love – through God’s Word, and from the people around them demonstrating that love in multiple ways.  Hearing of God’s love for the first time, or having it reaffirmed again is so fulfilling for our community’s children who take the message to heart.

In addition to the “built-in” fun of the Rainbow Express® there is the additional blessing for the children of just having something to do during the week of Spring Break. If it is true, as the old saying goes, that “idle minds are the devil’s workshop,” then the Rainbow Express® experience gives the children something productive and fun to be involved with, and may help keep them from the trouble which often stems from being bored. The exercise from the outdoor games, and the interaction with other children and adults is a blessing to everyone involved.

We love seeing the smiles on the faces of the 7,127 children who attended a Spring Break Rainbow Express® over the last 3 weeks.  We loved seeing the smiles on the faces of parents as their children were blessed in multiple ways, and we love the way we felt as we shared God’s love with children across our community. Over the past 3 weeks, 178 young people have given their heart to Christ.

We are so thankful for your constant support.


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