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“Pennies on the Dollar”

Administrative Overhead

When you give to any organization, you know that a certain percent of what you give supports the administrative group who “get the ministry done.” Staff needs to be paid, utilities need to stay on, and the ministry team needs a place from which to operate. This is healthy and good.

Over time, however, in some organizations, administrative costs rise to the point that a significant percentage of the gift supports a ministry’s overhead, but doesn’t reach the intended target – a person in need.  At Mission Arlington®, we hold closely two things every day: 1) You give sacrificially, and 2) You give for a purpose – to help people in need.

Watching the Pennies “Like a Hawk”

Tillie Burgin

Because of this, the team at Mission Arlington® watches administrative expenses carefully – some would say “like a hawk,” so that more and more of your resources get to the people who need it.  We use volunteers wherever possible instead of paid staff, and donated equipment instead of purchased supplies.  Our team watches every penny closely, so that less is spent on staff administration needs and more for the people coming through our front doors.

We also collaborate with multiple charity watchdogs, an independent accounting firm (with an annual audit) and a board of Directors who prayerfully watches over our work.  (You can click here for more details.) Because transparency and accountability are important, we also publish the results of our work annually and routinely.

Low Costs, but High Support

We have just received the annual report from our auditors, and we are pleased to report that our administrative costs for 2018 were at 1.7 percent. This means that more than “98 cents of every dollar” you give directly ministers to people in need.

We are so grateful for the constant support of this community, among the most generous in the nation. You are making a difference in the lives of real people every day.  We are both humbled and honored by your support. Thank you!


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