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Mayor’s Hometown Huddle: Saturday, September 7th

Volunteering at Mission Arlington® is so much fun! Come join us on Saturday, September 7th.

To Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Football League, the Dallas Cowboys and the City of Arlington have created the “Mayor’s Hometown Huddle, a “joint day of community service in the hometowns of the Dallas Cowboys.”

Mission Arlington® is honored to be one of the service opportunity sites selected to part of the team for this day of service. Volunteers are encouraged to spend a minimum of 100 minutes over the course of the day – Saturday, September 7th – giving their time and energy to make a difference in their community. Several teams of people have already signed up to come.  As we are every week, we will be open September 7th from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

If you and your family would like to volunteer on this important day of celebration, just come on down to the Mission whenever you are available on that day. You don’t need an appointment. Just show up, and we’ll get you to work.  If you have a team of people you want to bring with you, give us a call at 817-277-6620, and we’ll get you on our schedule.

We are honored to be chosen as a partner for this special day of service, and we are so grateful to be part of this generous community.


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