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Nine thousand & Growing:
School Supplies’ Report

So many of you volunteered to sort school supplies and to organize the supplies into grades. Volunteering at Mission Arlington is so much fun!

9,000 students have received supplies so far.

You provide what students need.

We are so amazed by your constant generosity. So many individuals and teams collected school supplies, bringing in exactly what we needed day by day.  Others sent funds to purchase supplies. Still others found creative ways to give.  It has been so much fun to see the joy on your face as you drop by, school supplies in hand.

We are always so encouraged and blessed by your generosity, and we wish that every one of you could see the smiles on the children as they receive the supplies. By the time school began this Fall, we had provided more supplies to more than 9,000 students, and that number continues to grow.

We flex to meet those needs.

For various reasons families aren’t able to sign up for their supplies by the time that school begins. Many families have parents who are determined to purchase the supplies for their children instead of receiving them from us.

Other families have just lost their job or experienced a hospitalization of some kind which puts them behind in providing the resources they need for their children’s education.  When something does fall through (as it could for any of us,) the Mission family is so glad we can be here to help, and do do it with the kind of encouragement and support that any of us would want for ourselves or for people we care about. We will update you as the final numbers come in.

We get to do it together!

We love the privilege of doing what we do here every day, and we especially love walking this journey with you! Thank you so much!



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