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NoeleenNoeleen first visited Mission Arlington® in 1999 on a date. Her new boyfriend invited her to his church, Grace Street Fellowship, a ministry of Mission Arlington®, which was meeting in a school at the time. She immediately fell in love with the people, eventually fell in love with and married the boyfriend, and they both still work at the church to this day.

A few years later, driving to her job at an auto parts store, Noeleen heard God say, “I am with you.” She immediately felt the need to go talk with Tillie about working full time at Mission Arlington®. The next weekend, they visited and Tillie explained that there were no positions available, but they would wait and see what God would do. Within 15 minutes, another staff member gave her two week’s notice, and Noeleen had a new job.

noeleen staff at maofficeIf a truck has ever visited your home to pick up a donation, Noeleen prayed for you. In addition to teaching and ministering at Grace Street, she works in dispatch where she lays out the pickups every morning and prays for the donors, drivers, and trucks. She says everyday is a miracle, because at the beginning of the day, there are only two drivers that she is sure will come because they are on the staff. “God has to bring the people, and you don’t know who is going to come” she says. Everyone else that comes is a volunteer, and there is no guarantee that any one person will come.

Even so, by 7:00 every night, the donations have been picked up, furniture has been delivered to people who need it, and it’s all thanks to God.

Noeleen also enjoys the moments she has with the volunteer drivers as they are on their way in and out of her office. There is not always time to talk at length about Christ, but little by little, Noeleen is building trust with the drivers, greeting them with a smile. She says when the volunteers have questions about her faith, she is always ready to with a response. People know her faith is sincere.

We are grateful that the Lord brought Noeleen our way.


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