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North Texas Giving Day 2020

Your gift will make a huge difference to us, and to the people we serve. Thank you so much.

Thursday, September 17th is North Texas Giving Day, sponsored by the Communities Foundation of Texas. From 6 a.m. until Midnight, you can give to the ministry of Mission Arlington through the link provided below.

Mission Arlington is in its 35th year of providing assistance to ordinary people in a moment of need.  Through the first 6 months of 2020, under the cloud of the pandemic which has swept over our community, Mission Arlington has distributed food to more than 171,000 people, a 364 percent increase over the number of people served in the same time period the previous year.

As September rolls on, more and more working families find themselves unable to meet their basic needs.  Requests for rent and utility assistance are on the rise.  Your support helps us to help our friends and neighbors as they walk through these difficult times.

Our administrative overhead (confirmed by an independent audit) continues to be less than 2 percent. This means that more than 98 cents of every dollar you give, ministers directly to people in need. Every service we provide is “free of charge,” and we do not sell anything you give to us. When you give it, we give it away.  Thank you so much for your support. It means “the world” to people in need. For more information, link here.

How You Can Give on September 17th (6 a.m. to Midnight)
  1. Through the North Texas Giving Day LINK;
  2. Directly to Mission Arlington: LINK HERE;


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