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NTX Day of Giving

An Amazing Day of Generosity

North Texas’ Giving Day happens again, on Thursday, September 23rd, sponsored by the Communities Foundation of Texas. This region-wide effort is designed to provide extra support to more than 3,300 non-profits in the North Texas area.  Mission Arlington® / Mission Metroplex® is pleased to be a participant in this extraordinary act of generosity on the part of our community.

Providing Support To Mission Arlington®

Between 6:00 a.m. and Midnight on Thursday, September 23rd, you can give to Mission Arlington® through

  1. the North Texas Giving Day Link. If you prefer, you can also give directly to Mission Arlington® through
  2. our WEBSITE  LINK. Either place will get your support to the people we serve.

Helpful Facts about our Work
  1. Administrative Overhead is a documented low, 1.47 percent. This means that more than 98.5 cents of every dollar you give ministers directly to people in need;
  2. Open & Accessible – We are open 364 days a year, closing only on Christmas Day. We have not closed our doors even one day, even through this difficult season when all of us have been impacted by the pandemic;
  3. We do not sell or re-sell what you provide. When you donate items, we pass them along directly to people in need.  All services provided through Mission Arlington® are free of charge;
  4. Hundreds Receive Help Daily – over 200 families a day, six days each week, walk through our doors for a little help to get by.  This is about 700 to 750 people per day;
  5. Multiple Avenues of Support – Emergency relief with food, clothes, household items, furniture, and emergency financial aid for rent & utilities is one part of what we do. We also provide health services with a very active medical and dental clinics, plus a counseling services;
  6. Faith-Based Non-Profit – We host Bible studies and congregations in 360 locations across our community. These small, but vibrant communities of faith provide spiritual support to people in a variety of ways;
  7. Stable & Consistent Leadership – Mission Arlington® has been here for 35 years. Tillie Burgin has been our Director since the beginning. Many of the staff who currently serve at Mission Arlington have been here since the beginning, and others have been serving here for two decades or more.

Grateful for this Community

You will hear one constant theme if you are around the Mission Arlington® family for any length of time – GRATITUDE.  Our job is simple and constant. We receive what you (so faithfully) provide, and we pass it along to people in need.

We can be where we are, because for 35 years, we have served the Lord in a such a wonderful, giving community.  Even when you don’t have it to give, you do it anyway.  Even when you don’t know personally the recipients of your gifts, you give anyway.

We are humbled and inspired by your loving, sacrificial generosity – every day.  We are truly blessed.  Our prayer is that the blessings of your faithfulness will return to you in great joy and peace.

Now as Much as Ever

The need is truly great in these days.  Thank you for considering an extra gift through this North Texas Giving Day to help people in need.


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