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Our Daily Bread

A volunteer works in Mission Arlington's food pantry, helping other get the food they need for their families.

A volunteer works in Mission Arlington’s food pantry, helping other get the food they need for their families.

When most of us get hungry, we take a look in the pantry and fix ourselves something to eat.  If the pantry is empty, it isn’t a crisis. We head to the grocery store, or to the nearest restaurant, to meet our needs. It is easy to think that our experience is normative, but that isn’t always true.  “Food insecurity” is a term which means that people don’t have enough resources to provide food for their family.  Adults can skip a few meals and be alright, of course, but it isn’t the same for the children.  Thankfully, because you give, Mission Arlington® is available to provide the food which meet’s people’s physical needs.

Unless directed specifically with a donation to do so, Mission Arlington® does not purchase food. We simply trust God’s provisions for His people. Yet, in nearly 29 years of operation, we’ve always had just enough to take care of the people.  Our sense is that what we witness here every day is the same story which occurred in John chapter 6, where Jesus takes bread and fish from a young boy, and then multiplies that food to feed more than 5,000 adult men, plus the women and attendant children.  When you give, God takes your gift, and multiplies it to meet the need.

We wish that you could be here every day to see what your support means to real people in need. Early on Monday morning, a man got out of his car to speak with a Mission Arlington® team member.  All he wanted to know was whether the mission had any food.  When he learned that there was something here to meet his family’s needs, he was visibly relieved.  The staff member didn’t know what this man’s circumstances were, but he thanked God for all who give, so that we can be here in someone’s moment of need. Seeing this happen is so fulfilling that it becomes a source of nourishment, a “kind of daily bread,” for those of us who volunteer here every day.

We want you to know, as you give, that we don’t spend money on ourselves.  Our administrative overhead continues to be very low. Almost 98 percent of each dollar gets directly to the people.  When you give food, that food is always given to people immediately, and free of charge.  We hope you are being blessed as you give out of your resources, your food pantries from home, and from your funds, so that someone else can find the support and the help that they need.

What is beautiful in these days is to watch many give who once were here in need themselves.  There is a beautiful circle of love here at Mission Arlington.®

Thank you for walking this journey with us.  We are truly blessed by the privilege.


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