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Rainbow Express Returns

Rainbow Express® is here again, starting this week. We love this time of year.  If you aren’t familiar, Rainbow Express® is Mission Arlington’s version of a “Backyard Bible club.” Take a look at the short video above (3:38) to get a good overview of Rainbow Express over Spring Break of last year.

Four days each week in the Spring, and through the Summer, student groups come to Arlington to share God’s love with children all across our community. Delicious, filling snacks, creative crafts, outdoor games, engaging & meaningful music, plus stories from the Bible, all make up the beautiful experiences of Rainbow Express.®

Children love and look forward to Rainbow Express.® Last year, more than 17 thousand (17,147) children participated.   One hundred sixteen (116) student groups from 11 states and 38 Texas cities led these four-day events in 271 locations across our community.  The children had so much fun!

The spiritual impact of Rainbow Express® is significant. Last year, 455 children opened their hearts to the Lord, starting their brand-new journey of faith.

Hundreds of student groups have already signed up to be in Arlington during our Spring Break, and throughout the month of March.  We are excited, and we are eager to see all that the Lord will do in these days.  Would you pray with us for Rainbow Express?®

We will keep you in touch with the details as the weeks unfold.

Thank you so much!


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