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Rainbow Express® Starts Soon

Rainbow Express® in action at a central Arlington location – using puppets to teach God’s Word.

Despite the cold weather, things are beginning to heat up here at Mission Arlington®.  March is just around the corner, and Rainbow Express® is drawing near. Several from our team have been getting ready.

Crafts are being prepared, T-shirts have been ordered, and communication is happening every day with team leaders from student groups who are coming our way. More than 560 students will be here for Arlington’s Spring Break, and over 1,000 students will be here through the month of March alone.

Rainbow Express® is our version of a back yard Bible club. Children & youth gather right where they live to participate in games, crafts, music, snacks, silly songs, and stories from God’s word. Beginning the first week of March, student groups from across the state and around the nation will spread out across our community to share God’s love with children and youth. In 2017 4,435 students from 169 different groups came to our community to lead Rainbow Express®. These students came from eleven different states and 48 different Texas cities.

Summer Missionary teaching at Rainbow Express®

So, what were the results?  We hosted Rainbow Express® in 404 locations last year, and a total of 27,659 students joined the fun.  When Rainbow Express® concluded at the end of last summer, 977 children & youth had accepted Christ.  Along the way there were hugs of joy, many prayers, and transformed lives of students here and also student volunteers who come to serve from all across the state and the nation.  You can understand why we are pretty excited about what’s to come.

Please join us in prayer for this next week and through the weeks of the Spring, so that children and youth in our community can experience God’s love, and grow deeper in their faith journey.  If you are interested in bringing a team to serve, call 817-277-6620 and ask for a groups coordinator. Heather or Jason will return your call. Or, you can drop them a note. We are excited about the immanent start of this ministry, and we are so grateful for your constant support and prayers.

We’ll keep you posted!


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