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God is at work in East Arlington – specifically, using Regina and her church to visit and share the gospel with families across the area.

Regina has been visiting people in the area for years. Mostly, their visits have been to people who have come to Mission Arlington® for assistance. She says, often, people affirm that God ordained the visit. She says, “We show up in just the nick of time. People say all the time, ‘How did you know to come now? I was just saying I wish I had someone to pray with.’ Those are moments when know we are being used by God.”

Meeting people whose entire experience with church is attending a wedding or funeral, it’s thrilling to share the full truth of Christ with someone who has never heard.

Recently, the church has been focused on equipping the saints that have been attending to go and make visits themselves in the community. The leadership asked the congregation how they were feeling about visiting for the first time. Regina says, “What we heard was ‘It’s exciting, but I’m a little nervous, a little scared.’ But when we are confident in scripture, God will do what he set out to do.”

In addition to visiting three times per week, Regina holds an afterschool program for students from Sam Houston High School, leads a Bible Study at a nearby apartment complex, and a Wednesday night youth Bible Study for anyone in the area who may want to attend. On Saturdays, you can find her spending time with the teenagers. The teens are ready to visit, too. As many of them are bilingual, they will be place with monolingual church members to translate and share.

We are excited about the work God is doing across the city. Regina sums it up this way, “I’m a work in progress. Philippians says the work God has done with me, he will be faithful to bring to completion.”


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