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Senate Resolution #350

Senator Harris offered the following resolution:

WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas takes great pleasure in recognizing Tillie Burgin for her outstanding work in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex; and

WHEREAS, Known as the Mother Teresa of Arlington, Tillie Burgin was honored in Governor Bush’s State of the State Address as an example of what a private citizen can accomplish when a need becomes overwhelming; a former missionary, Tillie created Mission Arlington with substantial help from her church, the First Baptist Church of Arlington, and its pastor, Charles R. Wade; and

WHEREAS, In 1986, Tillie Burgin wanted to begin Bible study groups with the low-income families living mainly in complexes surrounding the church; she found that many of the families did not have enough food or shelter, and she set out to supply those needs; and

WHEREAS, Tillie found ways, with great assistance from others, to help people who were poor, hungry, and homeless, and as these needs were met, opportunities for initiating Bible study groups presented themselves; by the end of the first year, study groups were being conducted in 30 different locations; and

WHEREAS, Apartment managers became aware that where Mission Metroplex groups were located, a more wholesome living environment was apparent; 10 years later, the ministry was in nearly 200 apartments, clubrooms, and storerooms; and

WHEREAS, A group of cinder-block buildings and garages today, Mission Metroplex, on a typical day, helps more than 500 families receive aid; the poor are helped with money for rent or electric bills, furniture and clothing, and referrals to appropriate social agencies; Mission Metroplex runs after-school programs in poor neighborhoods, a day-care center for children from the homeless shelter, and dental and medical clinics; Tillie has nearly an army of volunteers to help her; and

WHEREAS, Most of the funds to run Mission Metroplex come from private sources, and federal block-grant money has begun to pay for some of the services; and

WHEREAS, The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has benefitted enormously from the spirit, drive, and determination of Tillie Burgin; and

WHEREAS, The accomplishments of Tillie Burgin and Mission Metroplex are most impressive, and Governor Bush’s accolade to her is well deserved; now,

Therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas, 76th Legislature, hereby commend Tillie Burgin for her achievements and for initiating and creating a great success of Mission Metroplex; and, be it further

RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for her as an expression of the highest regard and esteem of the Texas Senate.




The resolution was read.

On motion of Senator Brown and by unanimous consent, the names of the Lieutenant Governor and Senators were added to the resolution as signers thereof.

On motion of Senator Harris, the resolution was adopted by a viva voce vote.


Senator Harris was recognized and introduced to the Senate Tillie Burgin of Arlington.

The Senate welcomed Ms. Burgin.



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