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Church Closes Its Doors?

This past Sunday,  Fielder Church  did something extraordinary. They closed their doors. That makes quite the headline, doesn’t it?  At a glance, the provocative tagline makes it seem like something with the church went horribly wrong.

Instead, the true story is exactly the opposite, because while the church figuratively closed the doors of its church building, the church itself – God’s people – spread out all across our community to “make a difference.”

Instead of gathering for Bible study & worship at one of their three campuses, one thousand (1,000) people from the Fielder family “served the city,” blessing so many people along their way.

In partnership with Mission Arlington’s Bible study teams, the Fielder family dispersed to over fifty (50) different locations across four cities (Arlington, Grand Prairie, Dallas, Fort Worth).

These teams held “kids clubs,” served lunches, trimmed trees, passed out flyers, played fun games with children & youth, and did so much more, all to share God’s love, while simultaneously blessing/encouraging the volunteer Bible study leaders and teams who serve in these places every week.

We are so grateful for the partnerships we share with churches across the DFW Metroplex, but especially this week for our friends at Fielder church, their support all year long, and the amazing & special efforts from last Sunday.


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