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Streams in the Desert

Water delivery to Mission Arlington

Trucks filled with pallets of water arrive at the Mission. We transfer them quickly to our trucks, then get on the road to make deliveries across our community. We are thankful for you!

Streams in the Dessert” is the title of a classic devotional book published in 1925, written by Lettie Cowman, a pioneering missionary in Japan and China. Cowman authored the devotional as an expression of the peace she found during her husband’s terminal illness.

Water Transfer

Taking multiple pallets of water out into the community. Thank you.

The recent winter storm left snow, ice, and record power outages in its wake, along with boil alerts, burst pipes, and water outages all across our community. Large numbers of people did not have water, despite so many teams working together to get everything fixed.

In partnership with the City of Arlington and the Arlington Fire Department, Mission Arlington® received multiple pallets of cased water, delivering it immediately to affected places across our communities.

Like a streams in a desert, we were able to take the water to people who needed it most. We could be there, because you were there first, making it possible for us to help. We are grateful for you.

As we have provide water this week to meet people’s physical needs, our heart has been to represent God’s love in such a way that people will turn to Him for the “living water” only he can provide. When that happens, they will never thirst again. Praise His Name! (John 4:14).


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