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Summer Breezes

Keeping cool on a huge water slide at Summer CampA cool breeze on a hot,  summer day spells relief, especially in Texas. The ministries of Mission Arlington® this summer have provided relief of all kinds.  Here are some of the results from this Summer season at Mission Arlington®. We are so grateful for your support.

Ministry Results from the Summer of 2019

  • Rainbow Express®23,861 children and youth attended one of 355 Rainbow Express® events (each one 4-days long) from the spring through the end of summer.
  • School Supplies – We continue to give out school supplies as the school year begins, but to date, we have distributed supplies to more than 10,000 AISD students.
  • Summer Camps1,019 children and youth, from preschool to high school, attended one of Mission Arlington’s 7 camps this summer;
  • Summer Missionaries22 students [from 4 states and multiple Texas cities, and one foreign country (S. Korea)] came to serve for some, or for all, of the summer.

Two younger students having fun at one of Mission Arlington’s summer camps for younger children.

Ongoing /Every Day Ministry Results

Between 500 & 600 people receive multiple day supplies of food every day at Mission Arlington® We are open 5.5 days each week. Through the end of July, 101,600 people have received a multiple-day supply of food from here. You give the food, and we give it away.

We are grateful for you!

This has been such a wonderful summer of ministry.  School is back in session, and September is around the corner, when our Fall season will be in full bloom.  Before you know it, we will be hosting our Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Day deliveries, and celebrating Christmas together.

It is such a blessing to serve the Lord in our community alongside you.  Please come see us when you can.


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