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Summer Camps in July

2019 Summer Camps are Happening Now!

July is always an exciting month for Mission Arlington®. Summer camps have returned, and they are so much fun. These free day camps give children and youth a chance to learn about the Lord in fun and exciting ways.

A Camp for All Ages

We know that children and youth are shaped in different ways throughout their childhood, and that is why our camps are specifically designed for different age groups. “ Kiddie Camps ,” which happen on Tuesday nights in July, are hosted for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade.  Children’s Camp , designed for students in 4th-6th grades, happens on the first two weekends of July, while Youth Camps for 7th-12th graders are held on the last two Saturdays of July.

Free and Fun

These camps are a lot of fun. From outdoor games, to eccentric songs, Mission Arlington® Summer Camps are filled with activities designed to teach God’s Word and foster the youth’s personal relationships with God in new and innovative ways. Our good friends from Camp Thurman provide our camps with fun ropes courses, swimming pools, and beautiful scenery.

It is important to note that our camps are free for all children and youth who participate. Transportation to and from the camp is provided for everyone who needs it. Hardworking parents will be comforted in knowing that their children are having fun learning about the Word of God, at no additional cost to their families.

We are grateful for your support.

We are so grateful for the volunteers and other members of the community who put in countless hours of work and give in various ways. We are especially grateful for all that you do. We humbly request that our friends and family do one more thing. We ask that you pray. Pray for our volunteers, teachers, the students, and everyone else involved.

Pray for the continued success of our Summer Camps so that the youth participating will not only cultivate their own relationships with God, but also be witnesses to others in their schools, homes and communities. We are thankful for you.


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