Mission Arlington | Mission Metroplex

Summer Camps Underway

Zip Lines at a Mission Arlington Summer Camp

Flying high in the sky at a Mission Arlington Summer Camp.

Six Summer Camps
Water Slides at a Mission Arlington Summer Camp

Keeping cool on a hot Saturday, Summer Camp day, with Mission Arlington.

Mission Arlington® will host 6 summer camps this year – 4 for younger children (K-3rd grade),  2 for children (4-6th grade), and 1 for youth. Our camps are one day experiences, where children & youth learn about the Lord while having great fun.

Wonderful Partnerships

We are grateful for our partnership with Camp Thurman through the years, who partners with us in caring for our community’s children.

So much energetic fun

Climbing walls, swimming pools, water slides, a great lunch, and a message of God’s love from the Bible are all part of the day.  Bible study leaders pick up students in Mission Arlington’s vans & buses all across our community.  The students and leaders register for camp at Mission Arlington, then load the buses to make the trip to camp.

We are grateful for you.

By the end of the day, in this hot Texas Summer, everyone is pretty tired, but the smiles tell the whole story. We are so grateful for your constant support.


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