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True Reasons for Thanksgiving

Perhaps in some settings “Thanksgiving” is more of a sentiment rather than a reality, a routine, a ritual, or a holiday role rather than the deep affection of the heart. If that is true somewhere in the world, it certainly wasn’t true here on Thanksgiving day last week. More than 6,000 volunteers arrived early in downtown Arlington Sunday.  They could have been at home preparing the annual meal, getting ready for the family to come, or enjoying well-deserved rest, but they weren’t.

When these volunteers arrived at Mission Arlington® (some of them very early), there was an excitement & enthusiasm about being there to help other people. Though the line wasn’t very long, there was still a bit of waiting for volunteers to do – whether waiting for their assignment out front or their Thanksgiving food around the back – yet a “can do” spirit permeated the atmosphere.  Smiles and laughter were evident everywhere. People enjoy giving back.

We have been filled with gratitude throughout this Thanksgiving season, because of the generous support of this community for people in need.  You brought more than 5,200 turkeys which were delivered on Thanksgiving morning, and a bunch of other Thanksgiving food too.  Then, you came out on Thanksgiving day to deliver that food to 26,095 people altogether – about 6,033 families. As you came back through, time and time again, we heard from you how much the food meant to those who received it, but also how much it meant to you to be on the delivery team.

For those of you who weren’t able to deliver on Thanksgiving morning, but gave to make those deliveries possible, we say “Thank you.”  To those who prayed early and throughout the day, we say “Thank you.”  Together with this amazing community we form a huge team of people from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds who all came together with one heart to be a part of providing for people in need. It was an extraordinary experience. Our prayer has been that the people who gave and the people who received would see God in the process and raise their voice to Him in genuine Thanksgiving for his provision.

As we move through this season towards the next, would you hear from us one more time how truly thankful we are for you.


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