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Ladies' Night Out at Mission Arlington

200+ ladies worshiping the Lord together

Several years ago, we began a new tradition, honoring women on the Friday night before Mother’s day. It started out pretty slowly, but has grown over time.  Women from Mission Arlington congregations gather from all across the community to worship and to hear an encouraging devotional thought from a talented speaker and from the Scriptures. Last night, over 200 women joined together as one body – worshiping the Lord. There is something so strong and beautiful about an all female voices, lifted in praise to the Lord. Afterwards, the ladies headed to central Arlington where a meal was being hosted for them by Babe’s Chicken Dinner House in Arlington. Laughter, and lots of love, filled the makeshift restaurant.

Regina Grissom was the speaker last night. Regina brings her own down-to-earth style of wisdom and humor to the table every time she speaks. People are encouraged by her warmth and dedication to Christ. Tillie Burgin was present too, and led in part of the worship and prayer time. As women left the event Friday night, there was a great sense of encouragement in the Lord and connectedness to each other.

“Where were the men?” some have asked. The men were delighted to care for the children while the ladies had their night out, and it was so much fun. A few of Mission Arlington’s congregations came together to make this possible, so that the kids could run around in a gym, and other dads just took care of the children at home.

As we role into this special Mother’s day tomorrow, we give thanks to the Lord for the women in our lives, and the roles they play in our homes, neighborhoods, civic organizations, churches, and our community at Large.  We were so pleased for the opportunity to provide the night out for these ladies, and we look forward to more endeavors together around the bend.


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