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Youth Easter Service a Success

A Special Service

Two hundred fifty (250) 7th – 12th graders from across our community were picked up by their Bible study leaders and transported to Grace Street Fellowship, a Mission Arlington® congregation located in the center of Arlington. These students joined their Bible study leaders in a service of worship designed specifically for them.

Designed for Youth

These young people were challenged and encouraged to focus on God. They worshipped and took the “Lord’s Supper” together, then dismissed to small group time with their Bible study leaders.  Free pizza topped off this beautiful night. Beautiful voices filled the room when the student worshipped God. It was truly beautiful to experience.

With Maximum Impact

Afterwards, several students described the event as positive and meaningful.  One student shared how much the night meant to him: “I discovered that I had many things in my life that were taking the place of God,” he said.  Other students expressed how much it meant to them to worship with people who were their own age.  It was a beautiful night, and a highlight of our Easter Week.

We are grateful for the young people in our community who love the Lord and who serve Him faithfully. Please keep this beautiful group in your prayers.

We are so thankful for your constant support!


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