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800 students here ready to serve!

Tillie speaks to 600 students at an outdoor worship service in downtown Arlington Sunday afternoon.

Eight hundred (800) students from multiple church groups across the country have arrived in Arlington to lead Rainbow Express®. Sunday afternoon, more than 600 of these students gathered to worship outside on the Mission Arlington® parking lot in the center of Downtown Arlington. When the first note of worship began, the crowd stood to its feet and didn’t sit down until Mission Arlington’s Executive Director, Tillie Burgin, took the microphone.

Joy is evident as students prepare to serve the Lord this week.

Burgin reminded the young people gathered there that the Lord Himself had called them here for a purpose, and challenged them not to be distracted or to forget why they were here.  As the Old Testament leader Joshua was called by the Lord to a high purpose centuries ago, so each person gathered was called to “reach this city for Christ” this week.  The students were reminded that hey will meet needs in Jesus name, and touch the lives of many children and youth across the city.  The students left for their accommodations encouraged to pray as they begin the full week of ministry and Rainbow Express®.

Young people are excited about worshipping the Lord and sharing His love throughout our city. Keep them in your prayers this week.

On Monday morning, the students will gather to pray and worship again, before receiving instructions and tips about leading Rainbow Express.  Some of these student groups will stay on and around the Mission Arlington® campus to help with the administration of clothes, food, household items, and furniture.

Please pray with us this week. We are praying for each student group as they share God’s love across our city. We are praying for children and youth across our city as they receive encouragement, and as they hear the good news that God loves them.

We are so grateful for the gift of your time, your resources, and your prayers.




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