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A Reason for Thanksgiving

3,000 volunteers wait outside on a wet day, for the privilege of delivering Thanksgiving Food to people in need. It was such a great day.  Thanks to everyone who came out to “make a difference.”

Thanksgiving was so special again this year, because it always is, but also, because you made it that way for thousands of people who needed a little help to get by.  We are truly amazed by your selfless generosity.

The Results

On Thanksgiving morning, three thousand (3,000) volunteers showed up at 8:00 a.m. to deliver turkeys, Thanksgiving boxes, and hot meals to 6,293 families, representing 26,181 people). We were also able to serve 150 plates of hot food at a sit-down dinner for people who didn’t have a place to be, or a family to be with on Thanksgiving Day.

The Blessing

We heard over and over again how blessed people felt to receive the Thanksgiving food.  On the other hand, we also heard how blessed the volunteers were to deliver that food – even on a slightly rainy day. People love to serve, and they love to make a difference in someone’s life.  On Thanksgiving Day, volunteers got to do both.

The Provision

We are often asked, “Where does the food come from?”  The answer is that it comes from you.  We received food drives again this year from elementary schools, high schools, civic clubs, companies, families, and individuals too.  We love how this community purchases, collects, and donates food to provide for those in need.  You did it.

The Partnership

We are grateful for each person, every family, and all the teams who gave to help families in need.  It takes all of us, working together, for a day like this to work.  Thank you so very much.


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