Mission Arlington | Mission Metroplex


Cesar grew up around Mission Arlington as part of Heritage Church. Read more about his early years here.

Around a year and a half ago, Cesar felt God leading him out of the comfort zone of the church family he had always known into East Arlington. He called it his “mission trip to the city” and now it’s just his way of life. He now serves at a house church on Claudia Street and an apartment complex nearby.

The apartment Bible Study meets outdoors twice per week. To reach more people and have more time to teach, Cesar splits the adults and children into different study times. First the children learn while the parents cook dinner or drive home from work. Then the parents meet while the children play at the playground nearby.

As the sun sets, the parents walk from all over, bringing their Bibles, songbooks, tambourines, and some babies in strollers. Cesar finishes passing out snacks to the children, with the help of a few volunteer teenagers from a different Mission Arlington Bible Study, and walks over with his cajon drum to sing with the women. One woman picks up her tambourine and songbook and leads everyone in praise and worship songs. More women gather singing on their way. No doubt friends in the neighboring buildings enjoy the beautiful music floating into their windows.

Then they pray and study the Bible together. Cesar knows the Bible and has much to share.

When church time is over, it’s not really over. These ladies have an ongoing group text that they use throughout the week to remember what they learned, to encourage each other, and to make everyone aware of needs in their community. With nearly constant communication, they are building a church built on Acts 2: sharing their resources and helping each other.

What a blessing to be part of this growing church and to see what can happen when people follow God’s call.


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