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When Dennis was five, he told his parents he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up: a missionary, someone who “goes around the world and tells people about Jesus.” Rather than just a cute passing phase, Dennis has kept this goal consistently through the last two years.

Recently, Dennis’ parents encouraged him over lunch. “You don’t have to wait to make an impact. You could make an impact now.” Dennis considered his favorite toy, Legos, saying, “Maybe I could be a Lego missionary.”

In Dennis’ own words, “We go around and tell the gospel to kids and help them to do legos and give them a toy to play with.”

And so Building Blocks 4 Kids was born. While Dennis recruited some friends from his church to help, his parents contacted Mission Arlington to see if there were any groups of children that would want to build Legos and hear the Gospel. Of course, that was easy to set up.

Two months later, at an apartment complex in North Arlington, Dennis and friends passed out Legos, sang worship songs, and told how God should be the architect of your life. If you follow God’s instructions, your life will look like what he has planned. They read Jeremiah 29:11, then they all built Legos together, following the Lego diagram.

Since then, Building Blocks 4 Kids has visited two more locations and six more are planned for the summer. The word is out: co-workers and friends are dropping off Lego donations with Dennis’ family. Through a connection with a missionary in Africa, Dennis will send sets of Legos overseas with the Bible Study translated into Swahili.

The mission of Building Blocks 4 Kids is spreading across Arlington and into the world. We’re so glad that God asked us to be a part of this fun gospel project.

There’s no reason to wait if God has put a call on your life to share the Gospel. How can you share Christ today?

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