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“Brush Your Teeth.” Dental Health & Help for Students

Importance of Oral Health for Students

According to a CDC report, the number of children through age 17 who receive regular dental care has been on the decline for the past few years. The National Library of Medicine reports that “oral health is one of the most unmet needs of adolescents.”  They also point out that unmet oral health needs can lead to serious problems for those under 18, including “pain, missed school, heart disease, and even death.” There are many reasons that teens don’t get good oral care, and one of them is cost.  We are so pleased to be able to provide these healthcare services free of charge, and it does make a difference.

On Saturday, August 19th, eight (8) volunteer dentists working through the Allan Saxe Dental Clinic was able to provide dental (oral health) care for   twenty-one (21) patients underneath the age of eighteen .  We were so honored and blessed to help.

Historic Partnerships

Since at least 2005, United Concordia Dental & the Texas Rangers have been partnering with Mission Arlington® to care for the oral health needs of youth.  We can do so much more together than any of us can on our own, and these beautiful partners have proved that time and time again.  It was so much fun to watch Texas Rangers Alumni pitchers Jovani Gallardo (#49) and Jose Guzman (#23) autograph baseballs for the young people.  The smiles and the laughter of these children & youth lit up the room, as these two professional ballplayers took pictures, signed autographs, and personally invested in each student, and the student’s family, who came through.

Quality, Dedicated Medical Professionals

On this particular day. August 19th, eight (8) dentists gave their Saturday morning – when they could have been doing almost anything else – to use their personal gifts and medical skills to make a difference in the lives of children.  Other medical professionals volunteered that morning as well, and it was so much fun to watch.

We are grateful for you!

Mission Arlington has been serving families in need throughout our community for 37 years.  We can be here, by God’s grace, because of the faithful support of a generous community who makes what we do possible.  You provide the food, the clothes, the household items, and the furniture, day-by-day, all year long.   We are so truly grateful.

Come see us when you can!


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