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Earl and Martha

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Earl and Martha have touched literally thousands of lives since they began with Mission Arlington in 1988.  They saw the food and benevolent ministries begin and taught Bible Study in three different locations.

Martha remembers, “We’ve always been interested in the salvation of folks.”

First, they taught with a friend at an apartment complex in central Arlington.  When a community across the street asked for a Bible Study, Earl and Martha started teaching there.  No one came for the first two Sundays, so they spent their hour praying for the people.  On the third Sunday, their congregation began to form.

Meanwhile, Martha recruited volunteers to help in Mission Arlington’s beginning benevolent ministry.  And when Mission Arlington began day camps in the summer, Earl cooked hundreds of hamburgers for hungry campers.

They remember the early days of Mission Arlington when the food pantry – which is now a large warehouse – was only a few shelves with donations from individuals and the surplus bread that Earl picked up during the week.  He filled up his pick up so high that some concerned businessmen built rails for the sides of his truck to keep the bread secure.

Throughout the years, the Bible Study teaching has been their greatest joy.   Adults attend, but they also don’t want to miss opportunities to teach the children and teens.

Earl says, “If we don’t get to those kids now, they’ll be lost for another generation.”

After 24 years serving the same central Arlington community, forces beyond their control caused them to leave that complex. Rather than ‘retire’ from the ministry, they found a new community on the east side of town and just kept on teaching with some from the old complex driving to worship with them.

We thank God for Earl and Martha’s faithfulness!


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