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Extra Care in the Summers

Taking Extra Care

In the thick of an intense Texas summer, you don’t have to be a native Texan to know that extra care is needed to stay safe & cool.  Where possible, we check the freon levels in our home and business air conditioner units.  We prepare for higher utility bills with our students at home and the temperatures on the rise. We drag our summer wardrobes out of the closets, and we use high end sunscreen if we have to be out and about.

Summer Ministry Broadens its Reach

At Mission Arlington®, Summertime calls for extra care of people as well. With schools out, there are adjustments in the availability of food and other resources for people in need.  As the heat rises, so do the electricity bills.  With the kids home for the summer, and with parents needing to work, schedules have to be adjusted, and families are looking for safe, productive things that kids can be involved in.

During the summer, our front room fills to the brim, with the extra need families have for food, utilities, and other resources.  As you can see from the picture for this article, one thing we also get to do during the summer is to take extra food out to where people live.  The young girl pictured here got to participate in this food giveaway, along with so many of her neighbors.  During the summer months, we host summer programs in apartment complexes and neighborhoods across our community, with creative and fun ways to engage the young people, while also sharing God’s love in authentic, wholesome ways. We host summer camps, back to school events, Rainbow Express, and so much more.

Extra Care Provided Here First

We can provide this extra care, because you provided it here first.  We have clothes to give away, funds for bills, food for hungry families, all because you constantly and so generously provide.  Day after day, individuals and groups of people find their way to us, with gifts of love for people in need.  When the summer surge does happen, we are ready, because you constantly stand with us.

We are so Grateful.

We are truly, humbly grateful for you.  We are able to stand on the front lines of care, because you first provided the resources here.  We want to say “Thank you” in as many ways as we possibly can, because it’s right, but also because we hear it from people constantly – who receive what you provide.  That care multiplies out too, because when you care for others, and they get better, they too begin to demonstrate care for others as it was provided to them. And on it goes.

Yet, we are now and always be most thankful to God for His great love, and for the joy we have serving Him in this wonderful community.  We hope that your Summer is going well.

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