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Food Needs Increased in 2020

Mission Arlington Food Pantry

Mission Arlington’s team put together food from the pantry for families in need. 84,637 families received food in 2020, a 69% increase. Thank you for your support!

More people were hungry in 2020.

The 2020 pandemic directly impacted the ability of Texas families to have enough food, a phenomenon sociologist call “food insecurity.” For most of us, when food supplies run low, we consider the issue a concern related to “time management,” as one more thing which needs to “get done,” because someone has to go to the grocery store.  However, it isn’t that way for everyone, and this is true especially in our own community. Reports are out this week which indicate that across every county in Texas, food insecurity doubled in 2020.

We didn’t need reports at Mission Arlington® to discover the concern, as most of you didn’t, because we saw evidence of it in our own community every day.

Food Ministry of Mission Arlington

People picked up their food outside in order to honor the social distancing needs created by the pandemic.

We provided more food than ever before.

Mission Arlington® provided food to a documented 84,637 families in 2020.  This means that we provided food to people 323,571 times, a 69% increase over the year before. Every family receives a 3-5 day supply of food from us when they come in.

You made it possible!

We were able to provide to meet people’s needs, because you gave. It’s that simple. Individuals, families, churches, civic clubs, businesses of every size, student groups, young & old, and people from every walk of life provided the food – always at just the right time. We were both amazed and humbled by your generosity, humility (you always made it seem like your gifts were “no big deal”), and your sensitivity to people in need.

Mission Arlington's Food Ministry

We were blessed with great food to pass along to people in need.

We can give, because you gave it first.  Our largest Facebook post of 2020 was a simple request for food. You shared that post with over 100,000 people. Wow!

We believe all of these gifts are prompted by the heart of our loving God who sees and provides for people’s needs.

Thank you for your faithful generosity. We are so humbled and pleased to serve alongside each of you as this new year begins.

Thank you!


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