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Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

Several years ago, Rick and Linda were living in east Arlington, both professed Christians, but not attending a church, not serving God, and not growing in him.

After their son was invited to a church near his school, he came back saying, “Mom, you’ve got to go to this church.” So Linda attended, and came back saying, “Rick, you’ve got to visit this church.”  Since then, they have attended Grace Street Fellowship, a Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex congregation, and have found ways to serve people and grow in Christ.

Linda says she saw her relationship with Jesus become “a flowing river rather than pond scum.”

Rick has a job outside of the church, but at least two days per week, he cleans the community center.  They both work in the church clothing room and run the coffee bar on Sundays to help everyone feel welcome.  Linda spends the week making hospital visits and checking on people who have called in with needs, like prayer and food.  Linda explains, “It’s just that opportunity we have to be there for people.”

These roles are particularly unusual for Linda who was so severely shy in college, it was literally considered a disability.  But when you have a story to tell like the Gospel, it’s worth stepping out of your comfort zone. Rick and Linda both want people to know about the love God showed them, and that God has a place for everyone.

But don’t try to thank them for their service.  Rick and Linda will turn it back to God.  Rick says, “It’s nothing to boast about. We do it for God.”


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