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“I’m Rick!” “He’s Jim!”

Monday, March 03, 2014

Monday, March 03, 2014

Though Jim and Rick Burgin were born two and 1/2 years apart, (Rick says Jim looks “much older”) and even though they believe that they don’t look anything alike, people often confuse one of them for the other.

Jim and Rick grew up in the home of Bob and Tillie Burgin.  The family served as missionaries to south Korea beginning in August of 1966, when Jim turned six (6) and Rick was three (3). They spent the better part of their early lives growing up overseas, learning South Korean customs and missionary ways.

Both brothers graduated from Baylor and from Southwestern Seminary and earned degrees in higher education – Jim in philosophy and ethics from Southwestern Seminary and Rick in Leadership from Dallas Baptist University.

Both men were active and involved when their mom, Mission Arlington®’s Executive Director Tillie Burgin, helped to get the ministry underway. Between them they have thirty six (36) years of service on the staff at Mission Arlington® – Jim (14 years) and Rick (22 years).  They have served at Mission Arlington® together since 2000.

While both men are ordained ministers, their areas of service are different. Jim pastors one of Mission Arlington®’s congregations, Grace Street Fellowship, and he gives support to the communication ministry of Mission Arlington®. Rick directs the Mission’s counseling services, leads one of the weekly Bible studies, and serves as a voluntary chaplain with the Arlington Police Department. Both men love their work in and through this vibrant ministry.

When you come down to the mission offices sometime, you may see these brothers working side by side.  They work hard, love to laugh, enjoy teasing each other, but most of all, love their Lord.  Jim and Rick truly enjoy the opportunity they have been given to work and serve on the same team.

Just make sure you call them by the right name!


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