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Meet Jade! Jade, a college student at Southern Miss, spent her summer serving as a summer missionary here at Mission Arlington. Jade heard about Mission Arlington through the Baptist Student Union at her college.

“The reason I came is because I told the Lord that my summers were for Him,” Jade said. “I wanted to take two months out of the year to solely focus on God by serving him and his people.”

When Jade arrived at Mission Arlington, she did not know what her work at Mission Arlington would hold.  Jade said, she grew in reliance on God and daily learned to release each day to God’s will. Amidst the unknown, every day guaranteed new opportunities to serve and love God’s people.

While at Mission Arlington, Jade taught bible studies and served in the free store where those in need came to shop for their families.

“Seeing him meet people’s needs is really amazing,” Jade said.

Jade said, she grew in leadership and prayed for God to guide each step and decision. While at her apartment bible study, Jade developed relationships with the children and began teaching them. After much prayer, Jade and a fellow missionary decided to walk through the book of John with the kids. In chapter 8, Jesus said,

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness.”

Jade said the day they read this verse at bible study two children raised their hands and said they wanted to know The Light. That day, they accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Since then, the children started bringing their Bibles and growing in Christ.

“Some days I would struggle and I would say, God where are you?” Jade said. “But this summer I have seen that he is here and he does provide.”

Jade said as challenging as it was at times, it is all worth it to see people coming to know Jesus.

Jade who plans to study biblical counseling, has grown in patience with others and practiced understanding where each person is coming from. Jade said her capacity to love and show compassion has grown this summer. She has a new perspective and has personally seen God moving in her life and the lives of those around her.

“Mission Arlington is my new family,” Jade said. “I’ll be back soon.”


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