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Andrea Wilson, FNP, treating patients in our old clinic, pre 2006.

Clinic History

In August, 1986, Mission Arlington® began by offering Bible Studies in low-income multi-housing communities. It was evident that they’re needs went beyond spiritual. The Dr. Bob Mann Medical Clinic opened in response to this need.

Up until 2001, the clinic operated 6 hours per week. In September 2001, we were able to hire a Nurse Practitioner to direct the clinic full-time. This leadership position has improved the clinic’s efficiency and ability to provide quality health care. Andrea Wilson has served as our Clinic Director since 2001.

Through 2009 the clinic was open twenty hours per week on average and saw over 140 low-income and homeless children and adults weekly. In January of 2010, the Lord helped Mission Arlington® to open the clinic full-time, Monday through Friday each week and on Tuesday evenings. We anticipate being able to see many more patients each week.

The clinic is a collaboration of medical doctors, nurses, churches, pharmacies, drug supply companies, retired medical professionals and other interested volunteers. The Executive Director of Mission Metroplex®, the Board of Directors, the Mission Metroplex® Medical Advisory Committee, and the Dr. Bob Mann Medical Clinic Director oversee the program.

The Dr. Bob Mann Medical Clinic is one of the few alternatives for many Arlington area residents who cannot afford insurance or proper medical care.


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