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More than 3,000 enjoy the Egg Hunt.

The Saturday before Easter, April 8th, was such a beautiful day for an Easter Egg Hunt.  Three thousand, three hundred thirty (3,330) children came with their families to enjoy the fun.

What a great day!

Mission Arlington® Bible study leaders arrive early to get in buses, so that they can pick up children all over town to bring them to the egg hunt.  Families from across our community found their way to this FREE & FUN way to spend time with the kids, grandkids, neices & nephews.  Families were laughing, walking & talking, enjoying the free food, and yes, the giant Easter Egg Hunt (with over 120,000 eggs prepared). It was truly a wonderful day!

How did it work?

Teams of people arrived early last Saturday morning to begin cooking over 4,000 hotdogs.  Stop 1: Everyone who attended was treated to the “Easter Story.”  The second stop was lunch, with hotdogs, chips, drinks, and other snacks, all free of charge. Station #3 was a row of bouncy houses, which children of all ages seemed to enjoy.  The final stop of the day was the giant Easter Egg hunt.  Volunteers placed brightly colored eggs, filled with candy onto six lanes of open land.  Eggs were everywhere, and the children could pick up the eggs to their hearts delight.  As people exited for the day, they were treated to one more stop – a firetruck, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. It was a special day.

We are Grateful for You

We love what we get to do every day, and big events like this are so much fun to do.  We can do a larger event like this, because you make it possible. Our community donates the eggs, the candy, and then shows up in big numbers to volunteer for the day.  We are truly so grateful for you.


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