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Rainbow Express Concludes

Rainbow Express

A group of children gather outside on a mat to enjoy games, songs, crafts, and Bible stories. These 4-day weekly gatherings – from Spring to the end of Summer – are called Rainbow Express.®

Mission Arlington’s Rainbow Express® has concluded for the year, and what a great year it turned out to be. Rainbow Express is our version of a “back-yard Bible club,” which happens over about 2 and a half hours from Monday-Thursday each week, beginning at Spring Break and lasting through the end of the summer.  We just finished the last Rainbow Express® experiences this past week.

The great news is that 17,846 children and youth attended Rainbow Express® in 292 locations this year.  Wow!  That’s a lot of young people who got to experience the music, crafts, snacks, games, and Bible stories.  But wait, there is more good news, because 326 children & youth accepted Christ through one of these Rainbow Express events.

We wish that you could meet the amazing young people who come to serve in Rainbow Express® from multiple cities across Texas, and many states across the nation. You would be so blessed to engage with these talented, energetic young people – who just want to serve to make a difference.  And make a difference, they do. This year, 3,591 young people came in 125 different groups cme from 11 states and  twenty-six (26) different Texas cities.  They blanketed our community, sharing God’s love everywhere they went.

We continue to be so grateful for this wonderful community.  Your prayers, your financial support, and the time and energy you invest when you volunteer is truly transforming our community – “one life at a time.”  We are thankful for you!

Come see us when you can! You are making a difference here!


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