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So much happened this Summer

Mission Arlington Children's Camp

Children from one of Mission Arlington’s Bible studies, attending a Children’s Camp this past July.

A Full & Meaningful Summer

We are transitioning from a full summer here at Mission Arlington®.  It has been a strong season for so many reasons:

  1. Emergency Assistance – By God’s grace, and through your generosity, we have been able to provide food, clothes, household items, and furniture to almost 600 people a day, six days each week.
  2. Rainbow Express – Attendance in these 4-day, every week events, from the Spring through mid-August reached 17,846 children in 292 locations.  3,591 students from 125 church groups came into our community to serve and to make a difference.  We were so blessed.  325 children & youth accepted Christ through Rainbow Express®. What a blessing.
  3. Our Bible studies & congregations in over 360 locations were active and involved in people’s lives, with strong attendance, including all kinds of summer programs & weekly worship services and Bible studies.  166 students (7th-12th grade) attended our annual youth rally.
  4. Summer Missionaries – Thirteen beautiful students from across Texas and around the country came to give all, or part, of their summer to serve at Mission Arlington®.
  5. Summer Camps – 1,025 student enjoyed great outdoor fun, and spiritual learning through one of Mission Arlington’s 7 camps this summer, for kids of all ages (K-12th grade).
  6. School Supplies – Over 9,000 students received school supplies.
Transitioning Into the Fall Season
  1. School Supplies – Our community has worked hard all summer to collect school supplies for Arlington ISD students. We collect these supplies all year round, but donations ramp up throughout the summer.  Families, neighborhoods, civic groups, and businesses all work together to get us the supplies we needed to provide students the start they need.  We have provided supplies to more than 9,000 students so far.  Wow!
  2. Back to School” groups.  Colleges & Universities often sponsor activities with their students just prior to the start of the school year.  As part of developing unity among the student body, the students come and serve at Mission Arlington®.  We have been so blessed to have the strong, energetic, and positive support of so many students.
In All Seasons

Our ministry truly happens year-round, in every season.  We are excited about the Fall, and all of the upcoming events in each season.  Before we know it, it will be time for Thanksgiving and for our Christmas season once again.   We are so grateful for the way this community walks with us through every season.  Thank you so much.



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