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Spring Break at Mission Arlington

Student groups from across the nation and around Texas sitting together prior to morning worship on the first morning of Spring Break Rainbow Express® 2023.

Student Groups have arrived.

Student groups from across the country – Alabama, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Oklahoma – have arrived in Arlington this week to lead Rainbow Express®, sharing God’s love across our community.

Student teams have also come from multiple locations from across the state – starting at home (Arlington) to Beaumont, Frisco, Lewisville, Rockwall, Seminole, and Tyler.

What’s beautiful and extraordinary about these teams is that the students are taking coming during Spring Break, when they are out of school, and could be investing their time and energy in more personal ways.  The gift of these hearts and lives in our midst is truly something special.


Each morning, and afternoon, these student groups gather together to worship, to pray, and to share their experiences in Arlington’s mission field with each other.  It is so beautiful to see how God makes this diverse group of people one, as they praise His name.

Rainbow Express®

Rainbow Express® is Mission Arlington’s version of a “back-yard bible club,” with crafts, snacks, games, music, and Bible stories. Rainbow Express® is happening in the morning, afternoon, and evening in more than 50 locations across our community this week.  Hundreds of children & youth will attend these 4-day events, and it is so much fun.

Work Projects

In addition to Rainbow Express®, these student groups are also assisting in much-needed work around the Mission.  Receiving & sorting incoming food & clothes, organizing household items, and loading furniture onto trucks to be delivered to homes throughout our community is just part of the fun.

Your support

So many ask, “How can we provide support during this important week?”  Our consistent answer is, “Please pray!”  Pray for the student as they serve. Pray for safety as the groups travel across our city, and to & from their homes.  Pray that the gospel message will be clear, as they share God’s love across our community.

Our Gratitude

The Mission Arlington® family is grateful for your constant support.  Thank you so much.


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