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“Spring in our Step”

An outdoor baptism last Spring. There is such joy in serving the Lord.

Spring Break begins this week, so you will see some extra “Spring in our Step” these days. There are several reasons for the excitement: 1) School is out next week, so the young people are certainly happy about that; 2) the weather is moving toward Spring-like temperatures, away from the winter cold; 3) and the “spring cleaning” happening throughout the community means more people drop by with gifts for people in need.  It makes our day when you drop by, and we do smile more when – day by day – we see hard working families receive what they need to be OK.

Outdoor Worship Service. Praising God in the center of the city with a big week ahead.

Probably the biggest reason for the extra hustle and bustle around here, however, is the start of Rainbow Express® Hundreds of students in multiple groups are coming to lead Rainbow Express®, our version of a back-yard Bible club.  We have been preparing, planning, and praying for months, and teams begin arriving today. These young people are giving up their Spring Break week to serve here, and we love serving alongside them and their leaders.

Last year, more than 25 thousand (25,961) children and youth attended Rainbow Express®, and we had the privilege of supporting these 4-day events in nearly 400 locations, and 748 young people accepted Christ.  It’s no wonder we’re excited.

We kick off this season with a huge outdoor worship service in the center of downtown Arlington. It is a beautiful sight to see so many people worshiping the Lord, then moving out through the community to make a difference in his name.

It puts a spring in our step.


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