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Summer Camps Begin

Mission Arlington® will host seven (7) free Camps this Summer, and they are so much fun. Two of the camps will be for older children, (4th-6th grade),  and three of these camps will be for younger children (K-3rd grade).  A final camp, towards the end of the summer, will be for students (7th through 12th grade).

For many years, we have been pleased to partner with Camp Thurman who hosts our two camps for older children.  147 children and sponsors attended the camp there this past Saturday, July 8th.  The children enjoy swimming, zip lines, rope climbs, bouncing, and an entire assortment of other games.  We also provide great food, and lots of love & personal attention from Mission Arlington’s Bible study leaders. The camp for our younger children is hosted by the Mission in central Arlington, and the last camp happens at SJ Stovall Park.

One of the great features of the camp is the Bible study time. The Bible verse and focus of the teaching time last Saturday came from Matthew 5:16 – Let your light shine before men, so that they will see your good works, and glorify your father who is in heaven.”    The children talked about various kinds of light that provide direction in darkness, from birthday candles to flashlights.  Then, the learned how Jesus is the “Light of the World.”  It as a sweet time to study the Bible together.

We are grateful every day for the privilege we have of serving in this community.  We enjoy so much sharing God’s love, especially with our children.  Thank you so much for your constant support and for your prayers.


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