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Summer winds

Soft winds bring refreshment in a hot summer! We are grateful to be part of all the Lord is doing in our community. Thank you so much for your prayers & support.

Feeling Refreshed

Even thought it is summer in Texas, and it seems hotter than normal, here at Mission Arlington®, we are feeling refreshed.  God’s Spirit is on the move here, and we find refreshment in his presence as if it were a cool summer breeze.  The evidence of His presence is not just in the bustling activity all around, or in the constant provisions from the community, but in the lives we see changed and encouraged here every day. Here are just a few illustration of the life happening here this summer:

People receive help and hope here every day.
Early this morning, a young woman came through, needing a little help to get to her next stop. She was sleeping in her car, and near tears. We were able to provide what she needed, get her some refreshment, and to pray with her before she left.  It felt so good to be here for her. More than 500 people every day are receiving emergency assistance here.

Young adults sacrifice to serve.
More than 40 young adults are here serving with us this summer. They work outside receiving donations, lead summer programs, Rainbow Express®, Bible studies, and so much more.  These “summer missionaries” give up summer jobs, leave their families and friends to live in Mission Arlington dorms, to work long hours, all for the purpose of sharing Christ’s love in our community, and they do it with such grace, stamina, and vibrancy.  It is easy to smile when they are around.

Rainbow Express® is penetrating our community with the gospel.
Rainbow Express® happens four days each week – from Monday through Thursday, beginning at Spring Break and continuing through the summer. More than 15 thousand children have attended Rainbow Express this year, led by volunteer student groups who have come from 12 states outside of Texas and 28 Texas cities. 417 people have accepted Christ so far. Several hundred students are here now, leading these events in 34 different locations this week. It refreshes us to see the number of people coming to help, and the beautiful smiles on the children who attend each day.

Summer Food Programs provide relief and support to families.
When school is out for the summer, children often don’t have enough to eat, so Mission Arlington® partners with the City of Fort Worth to provide lunch in six locations each weekday through the summer.

Revival services continue to bring life
Week after week, across various parts of the city, Mission Arlington® hosts revival services. These 1 to 3 day services include music & preaching for the adults, and special activities & Bible study for the children. Each week, people are finding Christ for the first time, or rededicating their lives to Him.

We are grateful for you!
It is difficult, on just one page, to describe all that is happening this summer at Mission Arlington® . While the flurry of activity (often pictured as a busy beehive) could be described by some as “heating up,” in fact, we are refreshed here every day.

Your support and prayers are a big part of all that happens here day after day. May each of you find refreshment too through your faithfulness to God’s work.  We are grateful.

Isaiah 40:31 is true – “they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings s eagles; they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint.”


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